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Science writer and speaker


Bernard's new book is out!

Imaging Our Solar System
The Evolution of Space Mission Cameras and Instruments

  • A comprehensive guide to imaging instruments in space.

  • Features the most famous images taken of our Solar System.

  • Details the imaging instruments for modern missions such as OSIRIS-REx, Perseverance, and Juno.

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▶︎ Introduces key concepts in Space & Earth science.

▶︎ Encourages students to process and evaluate their ideas, reinforcing critical thinking.
▶︎  Provides businesses with novel approaches to their challenges.
▶︎ Promotes scientific reasoning and the importance of inquiring.

▶︎  Reflects on the impact of science in our world.

▶︎  Provides a better understanding of our origins and what lies ahead.

Feedback :

"I asked a group of Year 11 students and the feedback was extremely positive. "Great slides and info , exactly the right length, very interesting". They found it engaging and thought provoking, and it was exactly in line with their GCSE studies. Thanks very much!"
Science teacher at an International school.
"I thought it was fascinating, and the students were highly engaged; definitely appropriate for our most able Year 8 students".
Highly Able Coordinator at an International school.

Below are some of the organisations Bernard has worked with.

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Bernard has given talks and workshops to a wide variety of audiences in the UK and in Hong Kong. He strives to make every event a memorable experience while placing an emphasis on the understanding of key concepts within a given field. Bernard has given talks for Mercedes-Benz, Waterstones, ESF school in Hong Kong and the Sherwood Observatory in the UK amongst others. 

Bernard studied applied science (Final research project at University of Nottingham, UK), speaks fluently French and English and has lived in Belgium, the USA, the UK and Hong Kong. 


Guest Speaker at the BAM Festival 2019

Bernard was one of the guest speakers at Mercedes-Benz' BAM festival in October  2019 in Hong Kong where he did a public talk on the possibilities of alien life in our Solar System and beyond.
Info on the BAM festival here

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Exploring the Ocean Worlds of our Solar System

(Springer 2018)

Available here

In the last 25 years, planetary science experienced a revolution, as vast oceans of liquid water have been discovered within the heart of the icy moons of our Solar System. These subsurface oceans lie hidden under thick layers of ice. We call them ocean worlds.

Some of these icy moons, such as Ganymede, may hold two to three times more liquid water than all the water present on Earth, while others, such as Enceladus and Europa, are thought by astrobiologists to be our best hope of finding extraterrestrial life.

With the contributions of leading planetary scientists from NASA, ESA, and other institutions, this book aims to be the go-to reference for anyone wanting to know more about this fascinating topic.

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Bernard was leading a project that aimed to install meteor detectors in Hong Kong schools using a radio astronomy installation (fixed point areal system) replicating a pilot test that was done in 2018 in the UK.

The main goal of this project was to allow Hong Kong students to be engaged in a science project that would provide live data feed displaying meteors hitting the upper atmosphere of our planet.

Bernard partnered with the Ho Koon Astronomical Center in HK to build the pilot project which was completed in August 2019 (see image) and is now successfully tracking meteors in the sky. The objective was to incentivize schools in Hong Kong to implement a similar system and make science more appealing to the students. 

Unfortunately, the project has been paused since 2020 due to the covid pandemic but we hope to be able to restart it in the coming future. 




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